God's Kingdom Advancement Initiative/Ministries

God’s Kingdom Advancement Initiative/Ministries was founded with the vision of “charting a course for the Gospel of the Kingdom in the nations of the earth”.


GKAM is a relationship-based ministry which strategically involves equipping, resourcing and releasing of seasoned, proven and matured ministry in the nations for the building of Christ centred ministries and viable Kingdom relationships that will produce sons for the advancement of the kingdom of God.


GKAM believes in leadership across the globe, working together to establish in each region, the divine patterns and designs of the Kingdom of God on earth with the aim of bringing each region into alignment to God’s Kingdom Mandate and Message.


GKAM believes in the process of church planting in the nations as household or centres for the advancement of the message of the Kingdom, these households are led by sons who have been reached, raised and released from the house. The local church arm is called “Kingdom Development Centre”.

>>>To provide the equipping and impartation necessary to produce strong kingdom minded leaders. Raising, imparting, teaching and bringing leaders together in the unity of the spirit for the advancement of the kingdom of God in the nations of the earth (Rom. 8:19, Matt. 6:10, Eph. 3:10, Rev. 11:15.)


>>>To link together, fivefold ministries/ministers from across the nations through Gatherings, summits, forums, training of nationals, and developing mutual relationship for kingdom advancement.


>>>To provide Fathering, mentorship and guidance for those who desire to come into relationship at such level based on mutual covenant and understanding.


>>>To be a kingdom resource centre for the distribution of Christ- centred present truth books, CD’s, DVD’s, teaching articles, and training manuals that will inspire, equip, train, and especially help to maintain soundness of Christ centred doctrine.