Why is Giving so Important?

Firstly, because the Word commands us to do so; the Bible clearly instructs on the giving of Firstfruit Offerings (Exodus 23:19; Ezekiel 44:30), Tithes (Leviticus 27:30; Deuteronomy 14:22; Malachi 3:8 & 10) and Offerings (2 Corinthians 9:1; Psalms 96:8; Luke 21:1-4). But based now on the foundation and principles of Grace as New Testament believers.

Secondly, when we give, we access a dimension of God’s character and Grace, tapping into Him who is the ultimate expression of Giving.

By connecting with God on this level, we activate a spiritual principle through which we, by our identification with His liberal and giving nature, eliminate all forms of selfishness and greed; dealing a death blow to mammon, declaring that he has no hold on you and that you serve the one and only living God, Jesus Christ, with your whole life, which includes your finances.


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